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Carmel Maria

‘The Awakening – Story of a South African American’

Carmel Foster, a native of South Africa, who has lived a life few would envy but many will see themselves in. Born “Cape Colored”, as they say in South Africa. She is of mixed race, which made her a target of much ire or ill-will home and abroad. Her struggles go beyond her race. Born to a man who lived much of his life in the closet, Carmel familiarity with secrets and shame became all too apparent as her life progressed. From sexual abuse to homelessness a bad marriage to a move to the United States, her life has been paved by trauma and struggles.

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Carmel Maria

Carmel Foster grew up in a big family surrounded by many challenges. From living with a father who was a closet gay, to the experiencing sexual abuse at a young age, and facing a divorce and becoming homeless, she has overcome all throughout her life.

Carmel along with her young daughter moved to the U.S.A on a K1 visa and experienced a life turning struggle. She divorced and once again experienced a different type of abuse. This opened the doors for abuse on a higher level of power, harassment an sexual assault, except this time it received a stamp of approval.

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Chapters of Carmel’s Book

The Awakening – Story of a South African American

Below mentioned are the openings of each chapter for the readers to see how each chapter connects with the previous one and develop the story further. Place your order of the book today to start reading the full version now.

Carmel’s Book


This book will serve as a great source of motivation and inspiration from the real-life story of Carmel Foster. The woman who earned the status she deserved. The journey from South Africa to the United States of America.

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The Awakening

Story of a South African American

The inspiring story of a strong woman who migrated from her home country to the United States of America to a new beginning of her life.


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