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If Only

By: Raphael Foster

Even though the world betrayed him the master’s plan was already made
knowing man’s sin would lead to death

sacrificing his son for us is spared eternal death
if only the master’s fight was not of bi gone days
fought in reals meant for peace and love.

If only our peace was the victor shield
instead of blood spilled of innocence

If only we could into the fearful light of death eternal life will be the reward
for those who held his faith in hope

Open Up

By: Raphael Foster

open up to his glory

when the darkness blinds your road
when there are troubles along the way
his the light of eternal hope
don’t deny him the glory

open up your heart to his love
open up your soul to his glory
open up arms to his blessings
open up your eyes to his light

as his love is so bright
all darkness flee when it shines
even death in its doom He overshadowed with hope.

providing a light of eternal hope
as victory over Satan who hides behind a sinful death
a realm now of hope as Jesus has the master key to unlock its doors

open up to his glory
for a believer, his love has no boundaries
even for the ones that denied him his love has no en

My Dad

By: Raphael Foster

that’s my dad

rat a tat, rat a tat tat
let me tell you about my dad
yes he’s the coolest dad in the world

we are going on a trip
yes all the boys and dad
who is this man sitting next to dad?
why is dad holding his hand?

tap, tap do u know your dad?
why is mom always so sad?
and dad always acting a bit mad?
must be that we are always bad

why is dad not with mom anymore,
and always holding another man’s hand why is dad not with mom anymore must be he found a new friend

rat a tat tat , rat a tat tat
I’m gay he would definitely say
that’s after we told mom he is holding another man’s hand
tap tap, he’s not the coolest dad in the world
but still my dad

Africa Cries

By: Raphael Foster

When, as a boy, my dream was taken away Of Africa’s land filled with mystery and dark forest. Where the lands fed its people one and all

Now, as a man, Africa has transformed into bloodshed, Filled with greed and fear It’s enemy its own people robbing the weak and poor

Africa your tears must dry Be wary of its oppressors
who believe the ignorance of the masses

Gives them the right to murder and rob the weak.
Africa stands up Africa dry your tears Choose not to live in poverty,

Deny your wealthy to be robbed.
Africa let hunger, fear, and bloodshed of yesterday is not in vain,

Stand up, fight for tomorrow, to live As you should, proud, free, strong as an African should.

Distant Hands

By: Raphael Foster

We walk a road of uneasiness
Taking a path already walked Stumbling with pride and fearlessness

Knowing what’s said has already been told
Fear not for the fight has never ended It must be fought with zeal and might

With us to defend the just and weak As the hand of yesterday takes us to one place Filling us with pride knowing

You’re watching from above
Your silent sacrifices Your loud cries and cheers Is a beacon of light,

A guide for today’s fight Yes you still our hope As hands of yesterday

Coming from heavens doors To guide us to a blissful end.

Don’t Let Mom

By: Raphael Foster

Don’t let mama work too hard As to many blessings will be lost,

Even though sometimes you will be apart She will never leave you apart.
Her smile the sunshine of your dreams

Her voice the light of your darkness. Her laughter the trance of total peace Her arms the center of your being Her heart the cradle of your soul

As mamma carried and cared all for love. To see a beacon of hope out of pain. And fill a void of yesterdays dreams

Give her all your love and strength
For your dream will be approved With the blessings, she bestowed To grow in wisdom and always serve.

Beneath the Hidden Gem

By: Carmel Foster

South of the South in a land, a spark was born

Placed in a place of many, her spirit was torn

Her being of two halves, worn apart as a footnote

Siblings huddled together, to keep the love afloat

As I write, my pen to paperweights feel heavy

As a witness to her strength to uphold her levee

Hidden from plain sight, flames simmer each day

Confused from the past, unwilling, let them walk away

Just cause, fueled by a pull that can never be explained

The injustice of many, sword in hand, as if ordained

This essence, her destiny, to right the wrong

Is a mystery, grown deep from a journey lived long?

A child was born, from love, in love, so it seems

Cherished with mother’s holy love and so proudly deems

The child parents, bounded by the lack of true love

She never caved into falseness, to please the one

One’s true being is but a moment of many uncast

Unrecognizable as it is surrounded by the future or past

But still, the heart yearns to be loved from within

A rescue flown in from afar served as a wedded safety pin

Double-digit years, stressed to serve a picture-perfect home

Like a pilot without a co-pilot, doing it all on her own

Fed up and let up, a proud walk to freedom

The decision was made that life was better without him

Children are precious and innocent, with the joy of truth

As they live in the moment with their fountain of youth

Ego, money, and power lead to the kings of the mountain

As the children are left to suffer and so dies their fountain

The rights of a few need to be the rights of all

So, she felt, fought, stood, and prayed to break those walls

It burns deep in her soul, the injustice of the norm

A freedom fighter was born to change and reform

Through the worst ward of Philly walking door to door

In the name of Stronger Together, she had faith in its core

Sharing the pain and understanding of those without hope

Empathy flooded her heart as she witnessed how they cope.

A minority is the majority with regard to loss of life led well

Rooted in the haves and have-nots, fueled by the rich cartel

Intense frustration of the unfair livelihood, of just so many

Her soul, so being, cannot rest unless fairness is plenty

To care and to give, to precious a few can endure

As a caregiver of their final days takes a heart that pure

The physical is not challenged, it’s the spirit that has perished

So she knowingly gives them her love to cherish

With all that been done, what is life if not shared

So, steps were made and a few frogs ventured to nowhere

Unconditional love is all she ever desired

A soul mate that would leave her forever inspired

The time had come, her wish fulfilled, he gave her his heart to share

Funny, the first time they spoke, only laughter filled the air

Commitment, trust, respect, and support are all they ever brought

As they fell in love, with promises to be forever in a knot

Her journey moves forward; she will not be denied

With silence as her compass and her heart as her guide

A destiny of giving, caring for those without a voice

Is the Hidden Gem of her heart, which she has no choice.[/vc_column_text]